Documentaries are a powerful way to tell your brand’s story in longer format. They present the opportunity for your audience to know, connect with, and understand your brand in an in-depth, more meaningful way.


What we offer


Documentaries are useful resources where the filmmaker will typically ask the subject  questions, seek opinions from the experts and then state their particular views while filming the whole process. They are typically in movie format and are known to be the most consistent form of art in the film, radio, TV series, and online.

 Documentaries offer a strong learning opportunity as there is more time to present a broader scope of your business and your brand’s story, and more of an opportunity to better educate your audience.

Your company has a story to tell, why not let KC Films & Media support and guide you in the process of sharing your story through the lens. Documentaries are an innovative way to connect current and potential customers or supporters to your brand.  Your company, business or organization has a story to tell, and we will creatively bring it to life.



“KC Films and Media did a documentary for our organization and it was perfect in telling our story, highlighting the population that we serve, and detailing our work in the community. We’re so pleased with the end result and enjoy each time we get to share the video with funders, partners, and our general community. Thanks Kevin for doing such great work and showcasing our organization so well!” ~O. Grant


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