Short custom Videos

For Social

               One video per month $199

                 Two videos per month $299

Three videos per month $399

Viewers are only watching the first 5-15 seconds anyway.

 We make short custom videos to enhance your social media presence. Our videos pop with the right footage, music, captions, and graphics.

Your Story, Our lens

Every business has a story to share, KC Films & Media can help to tell your story whether it is the short or long version.


Short videos are perfect for ads on social media.  They get straight to the point and catch the eye of the viewer.  Whether it is Instagram, or Facebook, short videos can convert casual shoppers into customers.

Get Up to three Custom Videos EVEry month

As a business owner working in your business sometimes you are your own marketing department and it’s extremely difficult to produce content for social media.  Let us produce your short videos every month so you can focus on working on your business.

Your Story, Our Lens