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How to Make a Promotional Video for Beginners

This course will teach you the basics of making a promotional video or commercial. You will learn the strategies and framework that makes it easier than you think to make a video your client will love.

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$150 $50


You’re Hired, Now What

Schedule a Creative Meeting

Making the Video (7 modules)


Delivering the Video to the Client

Equipment and Resources

“Over the last 8 years I have studied the art of videography, and filmmaking. I’ve made over $250,000 on the side while working a full time job as an English teacher, then Principal. With this experience, I am sharing what I know in this course so you can do the same. I have learned how to help people tell their stories in a way that will catch anyone’s attention. And now, I will share what I have learned, studied, and implemented with you. The best part is, I went from doing this on the side and now it is my full time job. “

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Your family and friends have been seeing that you are good with a camera and they like your videos. Now some of them have started to ask you to make videos for them. If you are at that stage, and don’t know how to transition from making videos for fun to making videos for money, this course is for you, let’s get started.

Here’s What To Expect!

Learning how to organize the process

Resources and strategy

Building confidence

Leaning how to plan

Students! Are you the one who always has to document things at school or for your family? This course will teach you how to transition from free to charging a fee. Why not make some money while you use your talent of video making? Your parents will love the initiative you are taking by signing up for this course, and they will also love the affordable price.

Are You Ready?

Unleash your inner filmmaker, and start your video marketing business today!

By now, every business owner who is on social media understands that video has taken over, and far too many don’t know how to produce video content. That’s why you will always be the solution to that problem. Learn how to structure your videos and make money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have a professional camera, can I use my phone?

The short answer is Yes, the newest phones are shooting 4k now and with the right equipment and editing capability viewers may not know the difference.

I don’t have a lot time to spend on a course, how long is this course?

This course is specifically designed for those videographers who don’t have too much time, or lose interest quickly. It is simple, concise, and gives you just the right amount of information for you to succeed.

What if I need additional help on my projects?

Once you enroll, you will be given options on how to get additional support on your projects.

Will this course teach me how to edit?

This course is designed for those videographers who are motivated to learn how to edit independently or already know the basics of editing. However, we give additional resources on where you can get that support once you enroll.

Why is this course so affordable?

Our CEO really wants to help those beginning videographers to excel quickly because he was once in that some position. He understands that this industry can be costly with equipment and software, so having someone create an affordable course to help you get started is important to him.

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