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How to Produce a TV Pilot

In this course you will learn all the steps it will take to produce a pilot or episode of your web series as an independent filmmaker.

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Hire a Crew

Casting Call

How to Conduct Zoom Auditions


Select Cast and Extras


Day-of jobs and Descriptions

Necessary Documents

Filming Day

Editing or Hiring an Editor

What to do after the show is Complete

“Over the last 8 years I have studied the art of videography, and filmmaking. I’ve made over $250,000 on the side while working a full time job as an English teacher, then Principal. With this experience, I am sharing what I know in this course so you can do the same. I have learned how to help people tell their stories in a way that will catch anyone’s attention. And now, I will share what I have learned, studied, and implemented with you. The best part is, I went from doing this on the side and now it is my full time job. “